About Suzanne Glynne (your design visionary)

sg portrait

We all need joy and balance in our fast-paced modern lives, and I believe that a well-designed space provides that.  I thrive on discovering exciting materials, furnishings, and art, and cultivating a library of inspirations, resources and products to draw from to create custom interiors that make people happy.   Influenced by a variety of styles, ranging from rustic to bohemian to modern, I create eclectic spaces that are personalized and inspired.  I believe that the most synergistic designer/client relationships are founded on common ideas of style and taste, where both parties love to play with possibilities and are excited by the collaborative process, as well as the end goal.

As a child, I was always dabbling in the applied arts--creating my own unicorn and rainbow mural for my room, or crafting Christmas gifts of candy-decorated gingerbread houses for all of my relatives.  My college years were dedicated to the more "practical" course of marketing and international business, but during a period of living in Japan where living quarters can be tight, my love for interior design blossomed.   I became much more aware of the impact of environment on one's spirits and sense of well-being, and fascinated with the creative ways that even small spaces can be infused with beauty.  Shortly upon my return from Japan, I began a career and education in interior design, and have been dedicated to bringing its value to others ever since.   A graduate of UC Berkeley's Interior Design & Architecture program, I have 17 years of experience as a designer of residential interiors. 

When I am not designing beautiful spaces for clients, I can be found searching for treasures in the Bay Area and beyond, enjoying café culture or dance class, or befriending 4-legged beasts that I meet in the streets.  I tend to be serious but try to remember not to take myself too seriously.  I am a student of non-violent communication and supporter of the Humane League, an organization working to end the abuse of animals raised for food.